Nokia Makes a Comeback With a Respun Classic Phone – Nokia 3310

In a world filled with smartphones, you might not even remember the old “brick” phones such as the Nokia 3310, however, this phone is making a comeback! Although I love the new technology that has come with smartphones, I had a phone similar to Nokia 3310 for six years and it was one of the best phones that I ever owned. It didn’t have many distractions, always worked, and was virtually indestructible. As a bonus, the battery would last for weeks! Now it’s possible for everyone to experience the Nokia 3310 once again, but this time it has a few upgrades.

What’s Different

Although the name of the phone is staying the same, the new Nokia 3310 comes with a few upgrades. The phone has a sleeker design and wider variety of color options such as neon yellow, orange, and red. In addition, the phone now has a camera and weighs a bit less than the former model. The new version of the ph3969.jpgone also includes an SD slot to store things like music and images. Unlike the original 3310, this version comes equipped with a headphone jack so you can jam to your favorite tunes. There’s also a web browser included on the phone, but it has limited capabilities. Don’t expect to replace your smartphone with this phone.

What’s the Same

The phone still has the game, Snake, however, the game is not quite the same as on the original phone. As an added perk, the phone’s battery can still last up to a month on standby! That’s way longer than a standard smartphone! In addition to Snake and the battery life, the phone’s appearance and layout are also similar to the original phone. Just pressing the buttons is enough to bring back a wave of nostaligia!

Trade in the Smartphone?

Although I once loved a phone similar to the Nokia 3310, I don’t think that I would be willing to trade in my smartphone. This phone would do almost everything that I need it to do, however, after having a smartphone, it would seem like a major downgrade. This phone just wouldn’t have the technology that I want to use on a daily basis, however, for some, it could be a great option to take a break from social media.


What will you say?

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