Tilt Brush: Turn Anything Into Your 3D Drawing Canvas

From the age of cave drawings to modern arts, humans are always attracted to visual arts.
Art has changed many forms and in past few years’ digital arts has opened many avenues and creative opportunities. Now technology has gone beyond pencil sketches. Incredible innovations are allowing us to leave the 2D space behind. Google has further pushed the boundaries by launching Tilt Brush – a virtual reality painting app. It has revolutionized the old ways of using canvas. Now, your room, your carpet, your wall, your desk — anything — can be your canvas.

tilt-brushGoogle has teamed up with various artists, fashion designers and creators to explore how virtual reality would expand their canvas and testing this new creation at the Google Culture Institute in Paris. Released on April 5, 2016, Tilt Brush allow you to paint in 3D space. It’s a bridge between your imagination and reality. Tilt Brush immerses you into your artwork as you formulate creations in the world around you. You can literally walk through your paintings and you can select different brushes and colors from a virtual palette. You can even draw impossible materials and add texture to them.

Applications and technologies like Tilt Brush will revolutionize the work of artists, architects, and fashion designers, fusing together art with technology to create a one-of-a-kind. With just a few swipes of your digital brush, you could paint the world around you and create life-sized 3D masterpieces like never seen before. It’s a hypnotic platform for the installation of technology and opens new possibilities for casual doodlers, architects, and fashion designers. The Tilt Brush app has pushed the boundaries of virtual art and opened new avenues for artists and designers.

Demonstration of Tilt Brush in action.

To get started with Tilt Brush, you’ll need to have the HTC Vive virtual reality headset, retailing for $799. Tilt Brush is an app available on the Steam platform and download the Tilt Brush app, which is available for $29.99. Users can visualize the 3D paint while using the VR headset and immerse into their own creative world.

logo-tilt-brushVirtual reality is the future. Tilt Brush is one step closer to reaching another dimension, and is one of the most innovative products out there to experience the unexperienced. This is more than just painting from a new perspective.



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