How to get the Best From Your Employees

One of the best way of getting the best out of your employees and managers is by employing the very best people in the line of the business. Once you find those outstanding people, all you need do is to invest in them. Your employees are much more valuable than your office equipments. Clear communication... Continue Reading →


Top 5 Applications to Boost your Brain Memory

Recent studies show that there has been a decline in IQs across the world, dropping by one point over the decade. Scientists are coming together to develop games and apps that can help boost the human brain. Below are a list of the best five applications to boost the brain: Eidetic Eidetic uses a technique called... Continue Reading →

Latest Advancements in 3D Printing

Imagine having sets of teeth that do not decay and remain white and pristine over time, without any accumulation of bacteria that can cause dental problems. Just as the name suggest, a 3-D printer does not print ink on a paper, but it prints in three dimensions in successive layers. Progress in technology has brought... Continue Reading →

Advantages of Online Reviews for Your Business

Online reviews refer to any comments that are made about your product or service by an individual or customer with no connection to your business. These reviews have an increasing influence in the enormous sphere of social media, which reaches millions, even billions, of people daily. With customer’s feedback that is now available for customers... Continue Reading →

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