Narwhal Warehouse

Selling technology gadgets and educational resources on online marketplaces including eBay and Amazon. Narwhal Warehouse is working with wholesalers, distributors, and partners to provide drop shipping services and general management of product distribution and sales.

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Our up-and-coming technology and business blog for entrepreneurs, with a writing team of 10 writers internationally. We will cover business insights, technology product reviews, and more.

Narwhal Company

We are an online business providing services in business and technology, ranging from data entry tasks to personal assistant administrative work. Our team specializes in technology, business, and education, and uses our skills to provide top-quality work. In the past, Narwhal Company has worked with notable businesses and individuals to improve their services.

What We’ve Donenarwhalcompany


  • Over 200 unique projects to date with clients across the world
  • Created TechNarwhal blog
  • Launched product: FloatOrb
  • Expanded TechNarwhal team to 7 writers and editors
  • Consignment resale program for international businesses and companies


  • Beta-tested a leading standardized test software for reading and marking literature passages
  • Started partnerships with competitive drop-shipping companies and distributors for selling products online globally
  • Started program for testing and reviewing products
  • Wrote weekly article series for sleep organization


  • Contributed in developing a mobile educational gaming app
  • Assisted in the development of iOS and Android mobile app development courses
  • Created over 100 Common Core math videos with worksheets for students grades K-12