Hire Narwhal Company’s trained professionals to do the work for you.

Online eCommerce

We will work with you to sell your stuff on online platforms. Narwhal Warehouse works with distributors and manufacturers from countries worldwide to provide the best deals and services online.

Narwhal Warehouse will work with you to list your items for a 10% transaction fee for each item. If interested in sending the products to us in Sacramento, CA for local shipping and handling, Narwhal Warehouse will charge a 12% fee for storage and managing labor and costs for shipping and handling.

Please contact us for more information regarding transaction deals.

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Business Jobs

Our team at Narwhal Company offers our services as professionals in the business and technology industry. We will complete your administrative and virtual assistant work in the following areas: transcription work, data entry, education, research, writing, product reviews, resume building, and more.

Please contact us for more information regarding hourly and standard per-gig rates.

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Narwhal Company is a business selling technology gadgets and educational resources online.

We offer our services as specialists in Virtual Assistance, Tutoring, Website Management, Online Commerce, and Transcription.