ili: A Revolutionary Translator to Break the Language Barrier

If there’s one thing that’s a crucial part of my life, it’s traveling. One thing that I’ve enjoyed most from traveling is the relationships that I’ve formed with other people. Of course, sometimes, forming these relationships have been difficult due to language barriers. A breakthrough in technology named ili could almost get rid of language barriers entirely. A conversation with someone who speaks a different language might become as effortless as a conversation with someone who speaks your own language. For me, this could be life-changing when it comes to forming relationships!

Ili is a portable translator that allows an individual to translate a conversation without using the internet. We’ve had translators before, but they’ve all required Wi-Fi, which can sometimes be hard to come by when you’re traveling to a different country. You can use Ili anywhere! It works similar to a recorder. You press a button and then record your message into one side of the device. A translation will come out of the speaker on the other side of device. It seems relatively simple to use. As for right now Ili has limited languages, which include: English, Chinese, and Japanese. There will eventually be a second version of the device that will also include French, Thai, and Korean. You also need to be in a relatively quiet environment to use the device, which is limiting, however, I think that benefits outweigh the limitations.


In addition to traveling, I think that Ili could become a useful device in schools. All of the schools that I’ve worked in have had multiple students with language barriers who might have benefited from this device. The device could have been used to assist them with interacting with their peers and teachers. It also could also be used to help translate important instructions or information.

The device won’t be available for businesses until June of 2017, but it has already been tested and seems to have a promising future. I fully a support a device that might work  to break the language barrier and I can’t wait until it will be available for everyone!


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