A Bicycle That Can Fly: The Aero-X

Calling all Star Wars fans! After watching Star Wars for the first time, I always wanted to ride on one of the Star Wars speeders. Being able to ride on a Star Wars speeder could actually become close to being a reality with Aerofex’s Aero-X. This vehicle can ride like a motorcycle, but never actually touches the ground until you land.

In order to be able to operate this vehicle you’ll need a bit of training, however, you can get the full training in less than a weekend. Once you get the training, you can use the vehicle for anything from going for a joyride to saving a life in natural disaster. This vehicle won’t fly quite as high as an airplane. It actually will only hover a maximum of ten feet above the ground and can go up to forty-five miles per hour.


To some, this vehicle might sound a little dangerous, but thankfully, there are several safety features in play including air bags, 3:2 engine redundancy, and a roll bar. Despite the safety features, I think that I still might be a bit skeptical. Maybe I would throw on a helmet and some other protective gear just to be on the safe side. Whether you think it’s safe or not, we could soon see this vehicle hovering around the world.

If I had the opportunity to take a spin on the Aero-X, I would take it without a doubt! However, it’s unlikely that I or most people will have the have the chance to ride on such a luxurious vehicle because as of right now, the price is is expected to be around $85,000. You can actually preorder the Aero-X now, but you’ll have to pay an additional $5000. At $90,000, I think I could probably buy a pretty decent home instead. The vehicle will be available for sale this year!


What will you say?

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