Living The Life of a Virtual Assistant

Maybe you’ve thought about becoming a virtual assistant or maybe you’re hiring a virtual assistant right now. Whatever the reason, you might be wondering, What’s it like to be a virtual assistant? Is it something that I can do? Should I hire a virtual assistant for my business?

If you’re unfamiliar with the term virtual assistant, a virtual assistant is a person who does  paid work for others strictly online. Work can range from anything like designing a website to entering data in spreadsheets. The work varies depending on the needs of the customer and the skill level of the virtual assistant.

So, what is it like to be a virtual assistant? I first became a virtual assistant two years ago. I started with just one customer who relied on me for things such as entering data, writing articles, and promoting products. I loved every minute of it! I was getting paid to work from my home and for the most part could pick and choose when to do my work. Of course, just like any job, I had deadlines that had to be met. In order to establish myself as a virtual assistant, I was careful to meet every deadline. I started out making roughly $200-$300 a month, which for a side job as a college student was wonderful! Eventually, I wanted to expand my clientele, so I started using Fiverr as a platform for my services. This has been a great experience and I love doing what I do! So far, I’ve done entered data in spreadsheets, wrote articles, pinned items to Pinterest, created banners and logos, and completed extensive research.pen-calendar-to-do-checklist.jpg

Of course, like any job, being a virtual assistant comes with a host of problems. There have  been times where I’ve had to decline work because I simply don’t have the skill set that my customers are looking for. I’ve also had to deal with being overbooked. Being a virtual assistant does require a great deal of time management. Although I might not have a deadline for two weeks, I never start a project on the day that it is due. All in all, I’ve found that the pros out way the cons and that with careful planning I don’t become overwhelmed.

Well, is this something that I can do? If you have basic knowledge of using excel and a word processing program you can be a virtual assistant, however, often times, clients are looking for more than someone who can enter some data into a spreadsheet. It’s important to identify your strengths so that potential customers know exactly what you have to offer. If you’re not sure where to start, platforms such as Fiverr are great to start up your virtual assistant position for free.

If you’re not good at managing time and already have a lot of other obligations, a virtual assistant position might not be a good fit. As a virtual assistant, you are your own boss, which means that you are responsible for meeting deadlines and getting work done. If you don’t do quality work that’s turned in on time, it’s likely that your business won’t be successful.

Should I hire a virtual assitant? If you are swamped for time and can’t seem to get a lot of your online work done, a virtual assistant might be a great option for you! However, it is important to find the right virtual assistant for your needs. Virtual assistants vary in skills and all have different personalities, so finding someone who is great fit can be difficult. It’s also important to talk to to your virtual assistant clerk-business-businesswoman-busy-41272.jpegbefore hiring them for a project about expectations of when the work should be completed and how much your willing to pay for designated tasks. The best part about hiring a virtual assistant is that if you’re not happy with the work that’s done, you can always look for someone new without having to go through the pain of actually firing someone.


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