Tips on How to Encourage and Coach Yourself

Working on your own is a great technique to achieve liberty and flexibility, but finding self motivation may be one of the largest roadblocks. The key to being successful as your own boss is the fact that you have to operate or act like a boss. Your boss is an important person who gets you on the right pathway and keeps you going. At this point, I will be discussing some few tips on how to be your own motivator.


Make goals

It is very tough to stay focused on work if all it is to you, is work. To keep yourself motivated, you need to have something to work towards. If you’re starting to get yourself motivated, the very first step you have to take is to set goals. These goals may be a business goal, a fiscal goal, or something you will be proficient in doing once you have your business going (like sending your children to school). If you have been going for a while, jog back your memory or remind yourself of what you are working for. And make sure you remember to note down your goals so that you have them right nearby to you.


Don’t forget

Once you lay down your goals, be confident to discover a technique to keep them in your mind. Keep a black and white (written) statement of your goals, and place it in a place where you can see and have a look at them frequently, or post its pictures on the walls of your office, your home or things you want to do as soon as you make the money. Anything that will jog your memory or remind you of what you are working for, this will help in achieving your goal.


Get help

If just your current goals are not enough to keep you on track, why not make an effort to consult a professional or a specialist? You don’t need to expend all your money to employ a life coach. There is an abundance of courses and systems accessible with methods to assist keep you on the pathway. The major key is finding the right coach. Why not look up successful personnel’s that you are familiar with and ask them to position you on the right track.


Think positive

Despite the fact that a positive thought is a very hard skill to master, positive thinking is said to be one of the most valuable things you will ever learn. It will not only assist you in achieving your goals, you will possibly discover yourself more contented and happier in your private or personal life as well. You can get started by things of positive affirmations or even Godward meditation.


Stay healthy

A healthy mind is influenced by a healthy body. You do not need to be a pro-athlete, but if you eat a reasonable diet as well as getting regular exercise, you will in all probability discover yourself feeling better and also working better as well.


Take breaks

If you seem like you can’t give attention anymore, take a short break and get a hold of yourself back to focus. The same technique applies to long term. If you’re feeling sensitivity burnt out and just can’t get yourself moving on the track, why not try to seize a few days off. You can choose to go on a vacation, or just take a stay-caution and rediscover what is in your very own backyard. Once you get back, you will feel refreshed, energized and equipped to take on any challenge.

My name is Ilo Olukayode and I have worked productively with both online and offline companies as an entrepreneur and dot-com executive for more than 25 years.


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