Tips to Selecting the Best Computer for Your Small Business

Although the business world is gradually shifting away from computers and laptops and into more portable or even wearable technology, right now many companies still use computers. So, how do you know how to the select the best computer for your business? Here are some tips:

  1. Do I need a laptop or a desktop?

Whether a laptop or desktop will better suite your business really depends on your nature of work. For me, a laptop is essential because I am constantly on the road or traveling. I need to be able to bring my work with me wherever I go. You might be wondering with the portability of laptops why you might want a desktop computer instead. In general desktop computer are cheaper and will last longer. If you’re doing most of your work in an office, a laptop might not be necessary. You could save some money by purchasing a desktop. In addition, desktop computers usually come with more storage for the price.

2. Which operating system should I use?

In general, a Windows computer will likely fulfill your business needs at a cheaper price than a Mac. Windows is also typically compatible with almost all of the programs that you would need for your business. Macs sometimes have compatibility issues with certain programs. I have a Mac and it has worked great for my business, however, I don’t use many programs other than Microsoft word and Excel. One bonus of purchasing MacBook is that in general the battery life is longer! My MacBook’s battery lasts up to twelve hours, which is convenient!

3. How much should it cost?

If you’re using a computer for a business, you definitely don’t want to go too cheap. While a cheap price tag might seem appealing, you need something that is going to last through a lot of use. Most computer companies recommend spending somewhere between $600-1200 on computers for business use. If you purchase a quality computer, it should last you somewhere between 2-5 years on average. I’ve had my MacBook for four years so far and I haven’t had any issues.

4. What are the trending computers?

Trending computers for businesses right now include the Apple iMac, the Dell Precision Tower 3000, and the Acer Veriton. The Dell and Acer computers run on the lower end of the suggested price range and have a great reviews!


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