The Future of Technology in Education

Education is always changing, especially in regards to technology. In the last ten years, computer usage in the classroom has skyrocketed! While we rely on computers to provide an engaging educational experience, computers are not the only form of technology that can be used in the classroom. The future of technology in the classroom could drastically change!

Augmented Reality

It’s likely that you’ve heard of augmented reality in the news or media. In the future, augmented realities could be used in classrooms around the world to take students on virtual field trips. While students have been able to explore different parts of the world through Google Earth, augmented reality will allow students to go beyond simply holding up a device. By putting on a pair of glasses, students will be fully immersed in a virtual field trip. When students are learning about a different country, instead of just reading their textbook, they will be able to visit the country through augmented reality.

3-D Printing

3-D printing is already being used by many different companies, however, it could soon be coming to classrooms all over the world! In the future, students might be able to use 3-D printing to explore what would be considered fragile objects such as fossils and artifacts. In some schools, 3-D printers are starting to be used in tech-ed classrooms.

Video Games in Education

For a long time, many educators have been against video games, however, recently it appears that some opinions might be changing. While video games have typically been considered a fun activity for time spent outside of school, some schools are incorporating video games into the educational curriculum. When learning through games, students show increased engagement. Microsoft Kinect even has games that could allow students to learn sign language!

Google Earth

While students can take amazing field trips using augmented reality, this is not something that is affordable or accessible for every school (maybe it will be in the future). For schools that can’t afford to provide students with augmented realities, Google Earth has proven to be an effective tool. With Google Earth, students can explore just about any place on earth! In addition, students can learn about all different parts of the solar system with just the click of a button!


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