How to be Taken Seriously as a Young Entrepreneur

So, you’re an entrepreneur and no one will take you seriously because of your age. They frown upon you as an entrepreneur because of your lack of experience, but really, as a young entrepreneur, you have the ability to rise into the same world as them. What should you do? How can you make a better reputation?


1. Take Advantage of Your Age

Depending on your business, your young age can play a serious advantage in your sales. For example, if you work with social media and/or advertising, you have the ability to market a product to a huge, often untapped audience: young people. You know the popular interests, hobbies, and language of people in your age group and you can use your age to market your product or service.

2. Adjust Your Appearance

Although you cannot change your age, you do have the ability to make people perceive you differently. If the event that you need to appear older to deal with other company executives or to surpass certain age requirements, adjusting your appearance is a way to avoid any questioning or doubts. If you include a photo of yourself on your business page, ensure that the photo appears to be professional. You can make yourself appear older and more professional by wearing a business suit. In addition, make sure that your photo is high quality. A selfie doesn’t scream the word trustworthy — it’s viewed as childish.

3. Focus on Customer Service

A common stereotype of young people is that they lack customer service skills. What you communicate to your customers is essential to making sales. You need to build up a trustworthy reputation. Train in your customer service skills and make sure that you’re able to respond to any complaints or questioning through emails. In writing, ensure proper grammar and spelling and maintain professionality. Never, never, ever use slang or ‘kool’ terms. You can practice your customer service by being personable (but not too personable) and speaking and/or writing clearly.

4. Find Other Successful People

It’s likely that you are not the only successful person in your area of business. Networking with other experienced entrepreneurs can help you learn valuable skills for your business. Networking can lead to important connections that can allow other companies and entrepreneurs to take you more seriously.  You can go to local meet-ups for entrepreneurs or others in your niche to meet more familiar faces. In addition, other experienced individuals might be able to recommend your product or service to others, and you can gain in reputation and prestige.

5. Take Your Work Seriously

If you want people to take you seriously, you need to take your work seriously. Be willing to put in the time to leave your customers satisfied with their purchase. Provide quality service to others and also have your business name be prominent on your products. As a business, you should take authority as a business rather than be presenting your own name, and in this way, you can raise recognition as a business. By taking your work seriously in becoming a business, you will seem more mature and trustworthy.


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