Five Business Startup Ideas for Kids

Maybe you have a child or know a child who’s looking to save up some money to buy something special. Although there are quite a few ways to earn some extra cash such as chores, birthdays, or holidays, running a business is a great way for kids to earn money and learn valuable life skills. Here are a few ideas that are kid friendly and easy to start:

#1 Yard Work Business

This business idea is perfect for kids because it can provide them with a way to spend their time during the summer. This business will also provide kids with skills that they will need down the road such as lawn mowing, trimming, and maybe even planting flowers.

#2 Car Wash Service

images.jpegI’m someone who likes to keep my car clean because I’m terrified of a giant rusty hole suddenly appearing above my tire. Although driving through the car wash is convenient, if I see a hand-wash car wash, I’m likely to stop because I feel that a hand-wash will get my car even cleaner. It’s pretty simple for a kid to start up a carwash business with just towels, soap, sponges, and maybe some Windex. Of course, this might be a business meant for more than one kid for it to be efficient.

#3 Garage Sales

When thinking of a business, a garage sale might not be the phrase that comes to mind, however running garage sales can actually be a lucrative business for a kid. It’s likely that you probably have some things around the house to start a kid off! If your kid is successful at their first garage sale, they could actually purchase items at thrift stores for a small price and then sell them at their garage sales. Also, there are many adults who either don’t have the time or don’t want to mess with selling their used items so your child could charge others in your neighborhood to sell their items too!

#4 Pet Sitting

Taking a pet to a kennel when you’re going a trip can be expensive and worrisome. Many people opt for hiring a pet sitter. Pet sitting is a great job for kids and helps kids to be responsible. Tasks might include feeding, watering, and walking a pet. Of course, some snuggling might happen too! In addition, pet sitting is a great segue for older kids who want to babysit.

#5 Lemonade Stand

A lemonade stand is the classic startup business for young kids! You can have your child amp up their lemonade stand by selling other items as well! Maybe your kid loves to bake or make key chains. They could sell their baked goods or key chains at the lemonade stand. Of course, if your child is selling food, you will want to make sure that they meet any health safety regulations and double check to make sure that a permit is not needed for what they are selling.


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