The Most Successful Young Entrepreneurs

Starting a business or patenting an idea can be challenging even for individuals who have had years of training and experience; however, our world is filled with entrepreneurs both young and old. Amazingly, the world of business has opened new avenues for even the youngest of minds. Some of the most successful entrepreneurs are surprisingly under the age of ten! Here’s a look at some of the world’s youngest entrepreneurs:

1 . Evan: Creator of EvanTube

Nine-year-old Evan decided to start a Youtube channel in which he reviews toys and builds lego sets. He started the channel when he was just five years old and the channel has since grown to have a shocking 2.8 million followers and 1.9 billion views. Evan’s idea has made him a millionaire at only nine years old!

2. Noa Mintz: Launched Nannies by Noa

Noa decided to adventure into the childcare business at just twelve years old. Although Noa did spend time babysitting, that was definitely not her primary role within the business. Noa believes that she knows what kids want in a nanny, so she started a childcare agency company. Her company now has over 150 nannies and babysitters that serve the New York area.

3. Hart Main: Owner of Man Candles

At fourteen years old, Hart was giving his sister a difficult time about the “girly” smelling candles that she was selling for a school fundraiser. Hart decided to take matters into his own hands and invested around $100 in developing the very first “man-scented candles”. Some of the scents include bacon and freshly cut grass. Hart has sold over 9000 candles, and his candles can be purchased at over 60 novelty stores in the United States.

4. Caine Monroy: Arcade Owner

Caine is only nine years old and he owns an arcade. Caine’s arcade was originally made entirely out of cardboard. After he created a YouTube video that went viral, Caine’s arcade has become a popular place for children and adults. In addition to providing customers with games to play, Caine has also made t-shirts stating “Caine’s Arcade.” He sells the t-shirts for $15. So far, Caine has made just over $212,000.

5. Alina Morse: Creator of Zollipops

Like most nine-year-olds, Alina Morse likes candy! However, this nine-year-old realized that candy is bad for your teeth, so she decided to create a healthy lollipop. Her product is now available at Whole Foods, SuperValu, and on Amazon. She also recently introduced a new product called Zolli Drops, which are healthy peppermints.

The entrepreneurs mentioned above are just a few of the many young, successful entrepreneurs. These kids are the ultimate proof that it’s never too early to start a business, and that if you have an idea and the determination to make it a reality, there is a way! What do you think? Do you know someone who could become the next successful kid entrepreneur?


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