An Inside Look at the Life of a Young Entrepreneur

From the time that I was in the sixth grade, I’ve had a passion for business. That year, I started my first own business, “Hope’s Sportacular Keychains” and created and sold keychains. For being only a sixth grader, my business was relatively successful within my local community, so a few years later, I expanded my business on Etsy, which was back then just starting up. Since then, I’ve been inspired to pursue my love for business and moved on to becoming a virtual assistant and now I sell on Fiverr and also have my own website.

I started my virtual assistant business when I was 19 years old and I was considered to be too young by many people to start my own business. My friends thought that I was crazy and that my business was never going to truly blossom because of the lack of experience I had at that time. I proved my friends wrong and became a successful working virtual assistant. Fast forward three years, I now work full time as a virtual assistant and I love it!

Of course, being a young entrepreneur can sometimes be stressful. I’ve dealt with having to manage my business while going to school full time. This was by no means an easy task, as the life of a student is demanding. For me, my early 20’s have also still been a time for exploring myself — for trying new things and figuring out how I identify within the world. Being a virtual assistant has actually helped me to explore new possibilities. Working on Fiverr, I get handfuls of unique gigs from clients worldwide, and I get to practice my own talents while discovering new ones. I’ve done everything from blogging to graphic design!


While my friends and family pointed out the potential downfalls of becoming a young entrepreneur, I’ve found that being a young entrepreneur has loads of benefits. Eventually, every “young” person will likely find themselves in the position of searching for their first “real” job. Having successfully established my own business, I’ve already had more experience with customer service than most of my peers, and I’ve decided to explore this industry for my career. If I choose to find a job other than being a virtual assistant, the skills that I’ve gained will undoubtedly be to my advantage when applying for a job. In addition, being able to run my own business while in college shows that I’m responsible and that I’m able to use my time wisely. These are high valued skills in the workforce. Finally, I love what I do, so it’s been great to be able to create financial stability doing something that I love.

I’ve found that even starting small is better than not starting at all. When you’re in your twenties, or maybe even younger, you have the potential to start something great that you can tweak over time. I’ve definitely made improvements to my business over the past couple of years, but I wouldn’t have any improvements to make if I’d never took a leap of faith and started my business in the first place.


What will you say?

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