Alpha 7S: A Camera That Can See in the Dark

Sony just released a new camera called the Alpha 7S. While there have been a lot of advanced features added to new cameras, the Alpha 7S has a feature that we’ve never seen before. This camera has the ability to see in the dark, which will potentially change the photography industry and the way in which we capture images.

If you’ve ever used a camera before, it’s likely that you are familiar with the flash setting, which allows you to better take images in the dark. However, when using the flash, you will often notice that people in the image appear to be much brighter than their surroundings. The Alpha 7S allows you to take pictures of an entire area in complete darkness without affecting the quality of the image.

The camera works because it has a full frame censor that’s only half of the normal pixel density. For those of you who are not familiar with the technical language of cameras, pixel density is the equivalent to a camera’s resolution. Having a lower pixel density means that the camera can take in more light, which allows the camera to to essentially see in the dark. The sensor on the camera is also close to the lens, which allows the camera to take in light from more angles than an average camera.


If you’re a photographer, this camera would certainly come in handy for a moonlit photo session or maybe even the Fourth of July. I know that while working at a summer camp, this camera would have been beneficial to capture all of those nighttime acitivities. Of course, the camera will cost you a little more than an average camera. The camera is currently available from Sony for around $2500.


What will you say?

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