Paying With Your Face With Face++

You’ve likely heard about technology that lets you access crazy things with a fingerprint or palm scan, but what about your face? Face++, a technology company based in China, has made it possible for people in China to pay for items or services using their face. In China, many people use Alipay, a subsidy of Alibaba, as an online payment system. This app has been combined with software from Face++ that allows customers to scan their faces to pay for items or services. In addition, the application can be used to identify whether a driver of a car is who they really say they are and helps to identify suspected criminals.

Face++ has various features that include face detection, comparison, attributes, and analysis. The software is the ultimate face analyzer and is being implemented into applications from well-known companies such as Lenovo for real-world problems. Face++’s API is accessible to the public and can be used for various purposes within businesses in corporations or for consumers.


Security has been a priority in the creation of Face++. The software not only captures an image of an individual’s face but also captures specific facial features. The software is able to identify faces with 99% accuracy. Because this data can be stored and manipulated, Face++ can be used for advanced security measures beyond just the standard security camera.

The main point behind the creation of Face++ was not actually security, but rather convenience. When people pay with their face, the payment is generally faster than using cash or a credit card. In addition, some apartments in China are now using facial recognition to grant access. This could definitely come in handy if you’re someone who always locks yourself out of your apartment. The “face payment” system works well in China because unlike the United States, China has a database system that includes photo ID cards of almost every citizen. Because the United States does not have a similar system, it’s unclear whether paying with your face can be implemented nationwide in the United States.

In the near future, paying with your face can be a more common and widespread feature for convenience. Read more about Face++ here.


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