Inside the Life of a Young Fiverr Seller

For about two years now, I’ve offered my services on Fiverr as a virtual assistant and copywriter. Fiverr is a website for freelancers that offer various services across the globe. On Fiverr, I offer my services as “gigs” that start from as low as $5, and they can vary from a simple data entry job, or an ebook project with a client. I can arrange what I’d like to sell on my gigs and manage my profile.

Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 8.52.04 PM
My Fiverr seller profile.

When I first started out, my friends thought that I was crazy. I received comments such as “Isn’t that a little sketchy?” or “Why would you do that?” Sure, Fiverr isn’t exactly the prime working hotspot, but it has reaped benefits that have helped me to work on my business. Two years later, I’ve made enough money to pay back most of my student loans and I can say that I love what I do. Of course, just like any other platform, Fiverr has both pros and cons.

Here’s a look into my typical day as a Fiverr seller.

I wake up at 6:00am and check my email which conveniently lets me know if I’ve had any orders on Fiverr. Seeing that I have four new orders, I get to work before heading off to school. (I work full-time at a local school.) One order involves promoting someone’s business on Pinterest, two orders involve filling out data in a spreadsheet, and the last order involves researching. All in all, it looks like a lucrative day!

After coming home from work, I finish up a couple of orders and then go for a short run. I then eat some dinner and return to the orders. My favorite order is the research, because I love to learn new things! The best part is that at this point, I am working in my pajamas alongside a cup of delicious coffee. I love promoting businesses and helping other people! It’s actually quite relaxing!

So, I described a typical excerpt of my day involving Fiverr above. Personally, I love Fiverr because it allows me to do what I love to do at my own convenience and is also a great way to earn some extra cash. The orders I receive are, for the most part, flexible to my schedule, and I am able to complete them outside of my work. It’s a great way for me to put more money into my pocket and put some extra money into what I want. Fiverr work is as informal as you’d like it to be, and for me, I take my time to enjoy what I do in my pajamas.


On the flip side, sometimes my freelancer days end up like this:

I start my morning and see that I already have seven orders on Fiverr, so it’s going to be a busy day! I know that I need to complete some of the orders, but I’m not sure when I will have the time!

Later, I look at my bills and see that I need to pay the rent soon. Unfortunately, I recently had a car repair, so I’m coming up a bit short. I would tap into my money on Fiverr, but it takes a long time for the money to clear.

I see that the same returning customer left me a negative review. I don’t understand why the customer comes back. The customer does not read the description of my gig. I contact Fiverr to help resolve this issue, but they are not helpful. This is expected as Fiverr tends to support the buyers over the sellers. I’m ready for the weekend!

Unfortunately, Fiverr holds funds for 14 days before I can use them in my bank or Paypal. The downside is that I have to wait that long before I can cash in my rewards, and that serves to be the opposite of working as a freelancer. Despite the potential downfalls that I’ve experienced using Fiverr, I still continue to use the service because I feel that the positives far outweigh the negatives. Working as a freelancer on Fiverr, I receive traffic from Fiverr’s loyal customers and I’m able to attract customers easily, compared to if I ran my own independent business. In truth, most days are similar to the first scenario, but there are some downfalls in that I cannot control

In truth, most days are similar to the first scenario. I’m able to work and receive extra money completing tasks I specialize in and can complete easily. But there are some downfalls in that I cannot control the number of orders that I receive and it takes a while to get paid. My work schedule fluctuates, and so there are days when freelancing is an advantage and days when freelancing is a major hassle.

You can view my profile on Fiverr here.

What do you think? Would you use Fiverr? Have you tried it before?


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