Making Your Business Website More Accessible

I’m a classroom school teacher and some of the students that I teach have disabilities. I love using the web in my classroom; however, sometimes websites are not accessible for all of my students. Eventually, my students will turn into adults who will likely shop online and I’m hoping that when shopping they won’t face websites that are not accessible. If you haven’t thought about making your business accessible, it’s not too late to make some minor changes.

1.Alternative Text

Many of my students have visual impairments (I even have one student who is blind). Unfortunately, on most websites, they are not able to gain any knowledge from images. Alternative text can help with this! When you upload a photo to your website, you will typically see a box that says “alternative text.” Many people are not sure what this box means. In the alternative text, you should write a description of the picture on your website. By using text to speech, an individual who his blind will be able to understand your website better by using a text to speech application. Since many businesses use pictures to draw people in, this feature can be important to your successes!

2. Control Color Contrast

While you might think that your lime-green background wipoor-color-choices.pngth bright pink writing is beautiful, for someone with a disability, it can be frustrating. Using color is not a bad thing, but using too many colors might cause someone with autism to avoid your website like the plague. Many bright colors can be over-stimulating and can also make text difficult to read. In theory, black writing on a white background is easiest to read, however, if you want to add some flare, make sure to do it moderation.

3. Adding Captions

If you have a video about your business on your website, that’s great for individuals who have perfect hearing! But what about people who can’t hear or have a hearing impairment? While your video’s images might be captivating, someone might not get the point entirely if they cannot hear. You can solve this problem by adding captions to your videos. This will make your video accessible to more people, which can also lead to more sales!

While I’ve included only a few suggestions for making your website more accessible, there are many other things that you can do! If you’re interested in making your business accessible to everyone, read up on web accessibility and start a plan to better your business!


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