How to Make Your Online Business Appear Professional

Many businesses have turned toward selling online because it opens the door to more customers. When selling online, it’s important to make your business appear professional. A professional business will not only increase your sales but will also make your business seem more trustworthy. Here are a few tips to keep it professional:

1. Spelling and Grammar

This might seem self-explanatory, but spelling and grammar are important. When I go to purchase something online, if a listing has a lot of spelling errors, I think twice before purchasing. Looking particularly at online stores, it’s important to make sure that titles are appropriately capitalized. Also, you definitely should double check your titles for spelling errors! While using slang might be ‘kool’ in a chat room or with your friends, it doesn’t give you any points when it comes to professionalism!

2. Business Name


business name
What will your business appear as?


Your business name is something that will be seen everywhere (website, business cards, emails, logos, etc). This means that your business name needs to be something professional. If you sell on a site such as eBay, you might be prompted to enter a store name. Sometimes there are regulations to your store name such as length and/or spaces. You also usually cannot use the same name as someone else.

This might result in someone naming their shop something such as “trendyclothing02943”. While “Trendy Clothing” is not the most creative store name,  adding the numbers also makes it unprofessional. One way around this is to try to capitalize different letters. “TRENDYClothing” looks more professional than using numbers, which appears more as a username than a business name. If this doesn’t work, you might want to consider a different business name. You can try finding similar keywords that can add a unique trait to your business name. If “Trendy Clothing” isn’t available, you could go with “Hip Appeals”.

3. Banner and Logo

Not everyone is gifted in the area of graphic design and that’s ok! However, if you have no graphic design talent, don’t attempt to make your own logo and cover photo. I’ve even come across people who use a photo that still shows the copyright sign. This is not only extremely unprofessional but also illegal. Instead of potentially dealing with legal issues, hire someone to create a logo and banner. Although you will need to pay someone, it will be well worth the investment!

4. Your Photo


Have a photo that best represents you in a professional way.


If you’re going to post a photo of yourself anywhere on your business site, your picture should also be professional. Although that picture you took making a duck face after a night out might be attractive, it’s probably not the best photo to include on your website. If you don’t have a professional photo, have a friend take a photo of you or get professional photos done.

5. About Us and Contact

If you have your own website, it’s important to include and About Us or Contact page. This makes your business look professional by letting people know about your business’ mission statement and a little bit about yourself and your company. Having a contact page also gives potential customers an easy way to contact you. Along with a contact page, you’ll probably need an email. It’s important to keep your email name professional too.


What will you say?

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