Using Facebook to Promote Your Business

Almost everyone I know has a Facebook page. While Facebook is a great place to keep your friends updated about what’s going on in your life, it’s also the perfect place to advertise your business!

One obvious way to advertise your product or service is to make a post on your own wall for all of your friends to see. You can encourage your friends to share your post as this will increase engagement. Once your friendshands-woman-laptop-notebook.jpg start sharing your posts, the posts will be seen by hundreds of people.

If you sell on Etsy or eBay you are in luck because Facebook offers a variety of groups in which you can post the products that you have for sale. These groups are great ways to drive traffic into your shop and sell your items. Here are some of my favorite groups to post in:

  • Handmade Gifts
  • Addicted to Etsy
  • Camp eBay
  • Etsy Sellers United

While posting on your personal pages and in different groups are great, another great way to promote your business is to start your own Facebook page. Once you start your page, you can share the link to your page with all of your friends and current customers. So, what should you post on your page? It’s important that not all of your posts are self advertisements. In general a good rule to follow is 80/20. About 20% of your posts should be self advertisement and 80% of your posts should be things that are helpful or interesting to your potential customers. Some ideas include quotes, pictures of the behind the scenes process, and contests.

The next time you’re looking for someplace to advertise your products and services, give Facebook a try!




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