Saving Lives With The Fecal Transplant

So, you might be disgusted by the words “fecal transplant,” but it’s not actually as gross as you might think. In fact, a fecal transplant has the potential to save your life if you ever acquire certain bacterial infections.

For a fecal transplant to work, stool (yes, poop) is collected from a donor who is tested. The stool is then mixed and strained with another chemical before it’s placed inside of a patient. So, how does it get inside the patient? If it makes you feel less grossed out, you don’t need swallow someone else’s fecal matter. The solution is inserted in the body through a colonoscopy or endoscopy.

As gross as this process might sound, it can be highly beneficial for some people. The fecal transplant has the ability to replace good bacteria that has been killed off. Specifically, the transplant is used in patients with difficile infections. These infections cause diarrhea that can actually sometimes lead to death. It’s possible that the fecal transplant could also help patients suffering from Irritable Bowl Syndrome and Crohn’s Disease, however, research is still being developed in this area. My mom has Crohn’s  Disease and sometimes it causes major issues in her life. I didn’t ask her, but I believe that my mom would gladly accept a fecal transplant if it would greatly reduce her symptoms.

It might make you feel better to know that this treatment has been approved by the food and drug administration. Also, unlike most life changing treatments, a fecal transplant is said to be very affordable for the general public and has been effective almost every time it’s been used. Since the treatment is still in the testing phase, it’s not clear as to whether it will be covered by insurance. So, what you think? If it would help you, would accept a fecal transplant?


What will you say?

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