Device to Help Epileptics: The Seizure Stopper

When I was ten years old, I found out that my grandma was epileptic when she suddenly had a seizure. This was a terrifying experience! It appeared to me that my grandma was not in control of her body. I thought she was going to die right in front of me. Unfortunately, being epileptic is something that my grandma and millions of other people have to live with everyday. Advances in medical technology have led to a device being created that has the ability to stop seizures in their tracks.

The device is basically a mini computer that is implanted in the brain. The computer is able to to track the brain activibrain_sq-4294094844ee84abf72e9e8fddb58b97b6ebb1b7-s300-c85.jpegty of individuals. When the device recognizes the potential of a seizure, it sends a zap to the brain and stops the seizure before it ever occurs.

This device was recently approved by the Food and Drug Administration for to use for individuals with epilepsy. The device has been in the works for a while, but there were issues that had to be fixed. During the testing phase, some patients developed infections where the device was interested and the battery did not last long. These kinks have since been worked out and the device is now available for people with epilepsy.

Of course, we already have medications for epilepsy, but these medications are not always reliable and don’t work for everyone with epilepsy. When on the medication, it’s also crucial that the individual does not miss a dose. Unfortunately, even this device is not a cure or epilepsy. There is a small number of patients who have been seizure free since using the device, however, for most people, the device will just reduce the number of seizures. Even so, this device could be life changing for people who are epileptic.


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