Augmented Reality: Changing Medicine As We Know It

If you’re like one of the many individuals currently obsessed with the game Pokemon Go, then you might be familiar with the term augmented reality. Basically, an augmented reality occurs when a computer-generated image is presented into the real world (just like Pokemon Go). Recently, scientists have been working to develop augmented realities into the medical field. This has the potential to be game changing in the medical field.

How Can Augmented Realities be Used in Medicine?

There are tens, maybe even hundreds of ways that augmented realities can be used in medicine, but here are a few ways that are trending right now:

  1. Nurses can find veins easier: When I was eleven years old, I was deathly sick and I had to have an IV put into my arm. Unfortunately, on top of already feeling terrible, the nurse was having a difficult time inserting the IV which resulted in her repeatedly stabbing my arm. This situation could have been avoided with AccuVien. Basically, the program allows a doctor or nurse to easily locate veins through the use of a small handheld scanner. This could make hospital visits a lot less frightening.
  2. Helping with precision in surgery: One of the most important parts of a surgeon’s job is being precise. Precision can mean the difference between life and death. Augmented Reality can help surgeons with precision with 3D glasses. The glasses are basically like an x-ray minus radiation and surgeons can use them in the operating room.
  3. Change the way we view prescription drugs: Sometimes (a lot of the time) information on the back of prescription drugs can be confusing to someone who is not familiar with the pharmaceutical terminology. Despite being confusing, you might wonder, what are these pills actually doing in my body? Augmented realities might be able to help you answer that questions by providing you with a 3D image of exactly what happens when you swallow your pill.
View of augmented reality with an iPad.

With all of the ways that augmented realities can be used, it’s likely that they will affect your life at some point in the near future. Hopefully, they will affect your life in a positive way.


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