Stay Hydrated with MyHydrate Smart Water Bottle

A few years ago, I found myself severely dehydrated and I can attest that this was not a fun experience. I realized that my health depended on drinking more water. At the time, I worked longs hours and I never carried a water bottle because the bottle that I had would always leak. I also didn’t have much motivation to drink water. If I had something like MyHydrate, I might have been able to prevent myself from being in a bad situation.

MyHydrate has created a water bottle that actually tracks your water intake! I know that for me, this would have been more motivating than just drinking out of a regular bottle. Of course, I could have tracked my water intake using paper and pen, but for some reason, this is just not as exciting as a bottle that lights up when you drink a certain amount of water. In addition to lighting up, the bottle provides the option for sound! The sound comes in the form of beeps that remind you to drink more water.


The MyHydrate bottle automatically resets every twenty-four hours. It tracks the total amount of water that you drink each day. The Smart bottle could be a helpful tool if your New Year’s resolution was to drink more water.

In addition to tracking your water intake, the bottle is also leak proof! To me, this is a major perk because I’ve found that nothing is worth than a wet, soggy backpack. The bottle is also BPA free and can be thrown in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. You can buy the bottle for about $40. This is about twice what my last water bottle cost, but my last water bottle didn’t track my fluid intake and also wasn’t leakproof. Because dehydration is so scary, this water bottle is something that I might consider purchasing. Hydration is so important and being able to track my water intake can help me be aware of whether I’m actually drinking enough water in my daily routine.


What will you say?

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