Connect Your Life to Your Car With Automatic Pro

I am no expert when it comes to cars! In fact, most of the time, I find myself incapable of dealing with minor issues without digging into my wallet and paying a mechanic. Often times, when I go to my mechanic I’m charged a couple hundred dollars only to find out that the engine light coming on did not indicate a significant issue. Similar to myself, the average American is unaware of the complexities behind a car’s dashboard and how it really works. There have been a few instances when Automatic Pro could have saved me a few hundred dollars and a trip to the mechanic!Unknown.jpeg

Automatic Pro is a device that connects to your phone to your car. Automatic Pro is customizable and is compatible with smartphones as an app for monitoring your car’s health. With its third-party application support, Automatic Pro is built for your needs as you can integrate add-ons for connecting your car with other applications. You also won’t need to worry about Automatic Pro draining your 3G — it comes with an unlimited 3G syncing that will never squander your data.

While the Automatic Pro can’t directly fix your car problems, it can identify the specific issues and provides an accurate quote and diagnosis of the problems. This means that if your ‘check engine light’ comes on while you’re driving, instead of driving straight to the mechanic you can plug in your Automatic Pro. Rather than spending bucks on visiting the mechanic and going through the headache of the process, you will know whether you have a minor issue that can wait or whether you actually should pay a visit as soon as possible. This could save someone like me a lot of money!

In addition to getting a diagnostics report sent to your phone, the Automatic Pro can track your car with its built-in locator. In the unfortunate event that your car is stolen, the Automatic Pro can help you pinpoint where your car is traveling. This tool might even be helpful for parents worrying about where their new teenage driver might head for an adventure. Automatic Pro comes with a responsive Crash Alert that watches 24/7 and instantly contacts you and the local emergency services in the event of an accident. In the event that you get into a car crash, the Automatic Pro will detect that you’ve been in a crash and send emergency help immediately. In an emergency, it could be the difference between life and death, and Automatic Pro will automatically respond for support.

Install Automatic Pro beneath the dashboard, and it will connect to your phone and provide analytics.

Automatic Pro retails for $130 and is available through Automic Labs’ website, Amazon, and other online marketplaces. Automatic Labs also recently released a more affordable Lite version retailing for $80, though it has its restrictions. It currently works only in the US, as network connectivity goes, and also requires specific car models no older than 1996. This would be a beneficial tool for someone like me, and for anyone concerned with staying up to date with their car. This device could save me dozens of trips to the mechanic and is the worthwhile investment.

Read more about Automatic Pro here.


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