IRIScan Book: The Portable Scanner

As a teacher and student, I constantly need to scan things such as newspapers, magazines, and pictures. Sometimes it would be inconvenient to walk to down to the scanner and wait in line to scan one page. With the IRIScan Book 3, I no longer need to run to the scanner. I can scan images and documents within in seconds right in my room.

IRIScan is an incredibly portable scanner. I can actually fit the scanner in my laptop case, which makes it convenient to transport from home to school. Not only is this scanner portable, but it actually does not require internet to be used. The device has a memory card, so I can scan a document while I’m sitting on the couch and then I can later upload what I scanned to my computer, phone, or tablet. This gadget runs on three AAA batteries. I used mine on a weekly basis and the batteries lasted well over four months


In addition to being able to scan almost any document, this gadget allows you to easily convert your documents into Word files that you can edit. You can also download files as a PDFs or JPEGs. If you choose to download a file a PDF, you can then search terms to easily find what you are looking for. This makes it much easier to read a long article.

Right now, the gadget is available for both Macs and PCs, however, you will need a CD drive to install the device and it’s also recommended to have at least 1GB of available storage. So far, I love this device and it’s been a valuable asset to my classroom and personal life. Surprisingly, the device was only $99, which is considerably cheaper than other large scanners. In addition, the device comes with at thirty day money back guarantee, so why not give it a try?




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