Plume: The Air Quality Tracker

Thankfully, I don’t live in a heavily polluted area, however, I have been in areas where you can see the pollution in the air. I also have friends who live in polluted areas and sometimes they are not sure if it’s safe to spend time outside. For individuals living in highly polluted areas, Plume could be a handy tool. It monitors pollution and provides suggestions to avoid pollution.

Plume works similar to a Fitbit except that instead of tracking steps, it tracks that air quality around you. Unfortunately, images.jpegPlume doesn’t look quite as fashionable as the Fitbit. It’s not something that you can wear on your wrist, but you can clip it to a backpack or article of clothing.
It comes with a small leather strap, which makes it easy to clip it wherever you would like.

Plume will track things such as dioxide and ozone and works by showing you colors indicating the different aspects of air quality. The device will only record the pollution for up to 12 hours, however, you can easily hook the device up to your smartphone to see updates and suggestions about how to avoid pollution in your area.


Plume is expected to be on the market for everyone soon, however, it’s not clear that a price has been determined. Expensive or not, I think this has the potential to be a lifesaving device. Spending extended time in polluted air can cause a lot of damage in the body. This device can help people avoid pollution and therefore live a healthier lifestyle.


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