Technological Advances: Cancer Fighting Robots

Robots are capable of doing many amazing things such as building cars, exploring the ocean, and exploring outer space. One of the most fascinating and perhaps best capability of a robot is it’s potential to fight cancer. This is, of course, a new type of technology and is considered to be a work in progress, however, it could change the way that we treat cancer and potentially drastically improve the lives of millions of cancer patients.

How Does it Work?

The technology used to create cancer fighting robots is mostly based off of magnetic fields. To put it in simple terms, scientists control a large group of magnetic devices to target cancer sells. To create the magnetic fields, doctors would need to put metal screws into the body. This sounds incredibly painful, but it wouldn’t be as painful as it sounds. The screws would actually be delivered to the body in the form of an injectable pill. The pills would be radioactive and would target only the cancer cells rather than other healthy tissue in the body. In theory, magnets would be able to turn the radioactivity on and off as needed.



Because the radioactivity would only  be targeted to the cancer cells rather than the healthy tissue, patients would not experience all of the terrible side effects of chemotherapy. In addition, doctors would have the ability to more or less turn off the radioactive pills as needed.

Will They Actually Work?

With the information that has been released so far, it seems that the cancer fighting robots have a promising future. Although the technology is already here and scientists have a good idea of how the process will work, it’s unclear as to whether the the cancer fighting robots have been been tested on animals or humans. While I’m unsure if the technology has been tested, I want nothing more to believe that they will work to fight cancer. The side effects of chemotherapy can be brutal and if we can cure cancer without those side effects, cancer fighting robots are something that I will fully support.


What will you say?

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