The World’s First Self Driving Tesla Car to Launch in India

In the past years, we’ve made quite a few advances in the auto industry. We now have more fuel efficient vehicles and we even have electric cars. Tesla has taken the modern car to a new level with their self-driving cars.

It’s interesting to me that Tesla will be releasing such expensive technology into a country that has on average 400 fatal vehicle crashes each day. Most developed countries do not have nearly as many fatalities each day on the road. Actually, the U.S. only has about 92 causalities caused bpexels-photo-165888.jpegy vehicles each day. However, the large number of traffic fatalities might be one the main reasons for testing the car in India. The crazy traffic in India will likely provide Tesla with more information about the car’s sensors and it’s possible that the advanced technology of the car might drastically reduce the number of traffic-related fatalities in India. My only question is, What happens if the traffic and pedestrians in India are too much for the car to handle?

In addition to reducing traffic fatalities, Tesla’s vehicle is also environmentally friendly. The self-driving vehicles could actually help reduce air pollution! If the car holds up to everything it’s supposed to be, it sounds like a supercar to me! The car could help India reach its goal of replacing all gas guzzling vehicles with electric cars by 2020. A car that drives itself and helps the environment seems like a win-win situation to me.

The car is not expected to be launched in India until later this summer. When the car finally arrives on the market for everyone, it’s likely that the car will cost about $35,000. Although a self-driving car sounds delightful, I don’t think that it’s something that I would be willing to try out for $35,000. Maybe as the car becomes more popular and the number of normal cars is reduced, the price will come down, but until then, I’m perfectly satisfied with my gas-guzzling Sedan.


What are your thoughts? Would you drive a self-driving car for $35,000? Will the test be successful in India?


What will you say?

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