A New Age: Millennials Growing Up With Digital Devices

We all know that the majority of the Millennial generation spends a large amount of time using digital devices such as computers, smartphones, or tablets. Growing up, I never had a cellphone until I saw fifteen years old. Now, it seems like every child older than twelve owns some sort of digital device. Although many people focus in on the negative effects of growing up with digital devices, I think being exposed to technology at a young age can have advantages.

1. Opening up New Career Possibilities

Millennials who have been exposed to digital devpexels-photo-29594.jpgices at a young age are likely to be more tech savvy. Currently, more and more careers are requiring individuals to be able to use digital devices. Having experience with digital devices provides children with skills that they might someday need to establish a career. In addition, schools are teaching children how to do things such as code and create graphic designs. These are valuable skills that can be used to start a career.

2. Access to Information

Not that long ago, the only way to find information about a particular subject was to trudge to the library and spends hours scouring the shelves to find the book that might hold the information you need. Now, we can find a plethora of information about any given topic right at our fingertips. Growing up with digital devices allows kids more access to information than ever. While some information might be censored, kids have access to a variety of educational media. The benefits really depend on how we encourage  and teach kids to use the media.

3. Connectedness

While some might argue that millennials never socialize and spend all of their time wasting away on their phones, millennials apexels-photo-132589.png.jpegre actually part of the most connected generation. Millennials simply make more of their connections using digital devices rather than face to face interactions. Through social media, millennials have the opportunity to connect with their peers and people from around the world. Although face to face interactions are important, connecting with a digital device still allows individuals to form lasting relationships. Some of my best friends met their significant others online several years ago and they’re still in happy relationships.

4. Accessibility

Although accessibility doesn’t apply directly to everyone, growing up with digital devices can open up an entire world for someone with a disability. Now our phones have features that allow a person with a hearing impairment the ability to have a video conversation and computers can give a voice to someone who is unable to speak. Growing up with digital devices can impact a life in a tremendously positive way.


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