The Fitbit Blaze: The Best of Both Worlds

So you want a Fitbit to track your physical activity, but you also want a Smart Watch? Too many bands on your wrist? Fitbit has a solution. The new Fitbit Blaze will give you all of the benefits of a Smart Watch and a Fitbit all in one.

Fitbit Features

This two in one wristlet comes with all of the wonderful features of a Fitbit. You can measure your distance, activity time, and steps. You even get daily reminders to get moving, so when you’ve been sitting at your office desk doing hours upon hours on end of paperwork, your Fitbit will give you a friendly reminder to take pexels-photo-196359.jpega quick break and get active.

Not only does this Fitbit help you with your daily exercise goals, but also your sleep! The Fitbit Blaze tracks your sleep and takes notice of when you’re most restless at night. It will then provide you with suggestions to better your sleeping habits. If you’re not a fan of the blaring alarm sound in the morning, you can even set an alarm that will vibrate to wake up from your peaceful slumber.

Smart Watch Features

Just like a regular Smart Watch, the Fitbit Blaze allows you to text and call right from your watch. You can even access apps such as Gmail and Facebook. Even better, you have access music control right from your watch. You can adjust the volume and change the song that’s playing on your smartphone.


Of course, if you’re going to invest in a brand new watch, style is an important factor. If you like to change up your style every now and then, the Fitbit blaze makes it easy! There are two options for the watch itself: stainless steel or gold. As for the color of the band, the possibilities are endless. You can mix and match different bands to match your style. So, when you go to work you can have a professional looking leather band and then switch to something more comfortable and stylish for your workout routine later.


Of course, something as wonderful as the the Fitbit Blaze might make a minor dent in your pocket book. Currently, the price it trending right around $200. This is actually cheaper than Apple’s latest smartwatch, the iWatch, which runs around $300. If you’re set on having both a Fitbit and a smartwatch in one device, this might actually be one of your cheapest and best options.


What will you say?

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