What Every Student Needs: A Charging Backpack

In a time when the vast majority of communication takes place via cellular device, there’s nothing worse than getting to class or work and finding out that your phone has died. What’s worse is that without out a phone as a distraction, you might actually have to listen to that three hour math lecture or actually be involved in your conference meeting.

All jokes aside, it can be rather annoying when you’re on your way to class and you see that your phone suddenly has a low battery. Tylt decided to change the way we charge our devices with their release of the chargeable backpack.

On the outside, Tylt’s Energi backpack appears just like any other backpack. Take a look on the inside, and you’ll find three USB ports. Two USB ports are used for charging phones and the other can be used for charging a tablet. While the backpack does have a spot for your laptop, unfortunately, you will still have to rely on finding an outlet to charge your laptop. Of course, a backpack with additional features is going to cost a little extra than the average backpack. Currently the price for this backpack is trending around $100 on Amazon.

In order to use the backpack to charge your devices, you will need to charge the backpack’s battery for at least seven hours. Once the backpack is charged, you should be able to charge your phone approximately six times. If for some reason you don’t use the backpack’s charging capabilities, the battery will remain charged for about a year.


Although the idea of a backpack seems fit for students, this backpack won’t only benefit students, but anyone who travels. The backpack’s seemingly slim design offers a spacious interior that can likely fit more than a few textbooks. Additionally, you don’t even need to remove your laptop when you’re at the airline. The backpack slides right onto your rolling luggage. Other features include a builtin headphone pocket and a side pocket for a water bottle.

If you’re looking for a new backpack, now might be the time to upgrade. If you’re willing to spend a little more, you can even find a backpack that will charge not only your phone, but also your laptop. Ampl came out with a backpack that charges all devices, but it will run you about $250 or more. If you always run into a dead battery, this might be a great solution!


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