Mac vs. Windows: What’s the Best?

If your computer just crashed and or maybe you’re looking for an upgrade, you might be debating between purchasing a Mac or a Windows computer. Since both Mac and Windows have advantages and disadvantages it can be a tough, maybe even life changing decision. Here are a few things for you to take into consideration before making your next purchase:

1. Expense

If you’re a college student like me, expense might play a huge factor into your choice. I want to make sure that I’m getting the most for money and I don’t want to spend too much on something that isn’t going towards paying off student loans. You can find a fairly decent, reliable windows computer for around $500-700. A Mac computer or laptop is going to run a little higher. The cheapest option for a Mac is the Mac mini, which runs around $500, however, this doesn’t come with a mouse, keyboard, or screen. These things would likely add some additional expense if you’re planning to use the device on a regular basis. The ever so popular Macbook Air will set you back about $1000 depending on how much storage you need.

So, obviously a Windows machine is likely to be your cheapest option upfront, however, for some users, a Mac might be a better value. I was an avid Windows user for five years before I bought a Mac. During my Five years with Windows computers, I bought four new computers. That’s almost a computer per year! I purchased my MacBook Air four years ago and it’s still running strong. Personally, I’ve found the MacBook Air to be a better investment, but there are still other factors that you might want to consider.

2.  Gaming

When I purchased my Mac about four years ago, I didn’t take gaming into consideration because I’m not a gamer, however, if I was a consistent gamer, I might have thought twice abopexels-photo-133579.jpegut dropping $1000 onto a computer that doesn’t support many gaming machines. If gaming is something that you cannot live without, a Windows computer is likely a better choice for you.

3. Viruses and Security

Whether you have a Mac or a Windows computer, a virus is something that you probably don’t want. If we take a look at statistics, you are much less likely to acquire a virus on a Mac than on a PC, however, the reasoning behind this is that there are also statistically less Macs being used in the world than PCs. As more and more people purchase apple products, such as MacBooks, the statistical gap might come to a close in the future. Speaking from personal experience, in four years, I have never had a known issues of my virus on my Mac, but I had issues with every windows computer that I owned.

4. Software Compatibility

Both Macs and Windows computers come with a variety of software and have everything one needs for basic computer use. When it comes to compatibility, Macs are generally more compatible. If you love certain aspects of a Mac, but prefer a Windows operating system, you can always use Windows on a Mac, however, you cannot use a Mac operating system on a Windows computer. In addition, Macs will support programs that have been deemed primarily for Windows, such as Microsoft Office.

The Verdict

So, which one should you buy? Whether you buy a Mac or a Windows computer depends on your unique needs. If you’re on a tight budget and can’t afford to splurge or your an avid gamer, Windows might be your only option. If you’re willing to spend a little more for quality, why not give a Mac a try?


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