Top Tips for Starting Your Own Online Business

If you’ve been thinking about or maybe just recently started your own business online, you are probably like most online business owners and want to achieve as many sales as possible. Although your products play a great deal in your ability to acquire sales, there are certain things that you can do to help your business grow.

1.Edit Your Pictures

Editing your pictures can take an item from looking rather drab to looking fab! Of course, it helps if you take quality pictures in the first place, however, using some simple tools can drastically increase an image’s appearance. Almost every photo program has a tool that allows you to increase the brightness or lighten an image. Plain and simple: use this tool! The key with using this tool is that you want your image to appear bright and eye catching, but you also don’t want to change the image too much as this could lead to negative reviews. Here is an example of what lightening a picture can do:inv_fullxfull.823359451_ak1k8m43.jpg

Notice how the picture on the right is of the same pair of earrings. Ask yourself this question, which earrings would you be more likely to buy? I’m guessing that most people would go with the pair on the right as they are more visually appealing.

2. Offer Excellent Customer Service

This might seem like a rather obvious and simple thing to do when starting up a business, but I’ve purchased from a few businesses where sellers have been rude and refused to help me. Needless to say, I will not purchase from these sellers again. If I’m really disappointed, I might even go as far to leave a negative review so others won’t purchase from the business either. When your business is just starting out, you should go above and beyond the expectations of your customers. You should offer such exceptional service that your customer would refer you to a friend or family member and purchase from you again.

One way to excel in customer service is to wish your customers well when you deliver their order. I always make sure to thank my customers for purchasing and I tell them to have a great day. In short, I treat my customers how I would want to be treated.

3. Describe Your Items

This is one thing that I notice a lot of online shops have difficulty with. Recently when shopping on Etsy, I was looking for a piece of jewelry for a friend. I came across a necklace that I thought would be perfect, however, when clicked on the item to see the description, there was no description aside from “necklace.” I ended up not purchasing the necklace as there were just too many questions to ask the seller. What was the length of the chain? Did it come in different colors? What was the material used?

I know that my experience is one that is likely similar to other shoppers. As a general rule of thumb, your customers are lazy when they are shopping. Typically, they are not going to take the time to ask questions that should be included in the description. Some things to include in a quality description include: height, weight, color, size, condition, etc.

4. Use Proper Grammar and Spelling

Theres nothing wors then trying 2 read some thing with a lot of speling error (see what I did there). When you have a lot of errors in your item’s description or title, your credibility as a seller decreases. Writing included with your listing should be professional and for the most part, free of errors. When you write well, it shows your customers that you care about your business. If you don’t feel confident in your writing skills, have a friend or co-worker proofread your listings before making them live.

5. Establish Positive Feedback

There might not be anything more important for a new seller than establishing positive feedback. Customer service is key here because you are not going to get a five star review by offering two star service. If you haven’t had a sale, share your website with friends and family and encourage them to purchase from you. These are the people who will leave stellar reviews!

6. Promote Your Business

Getting your first sale can be a difficult task, but promoting your store will help! One simple free way to promote your business is to share it on Facebook. Things spread quickly on Facebook, so if you have awesome products, it shouldn’t take long before you a get a sale. In addition to Facebook, other platforms include Twitter, Pinterest, Wanelo, and Weheartit. All of these websites allow you to post about your business for free. You can even start a Facebook and Twitter page for your business to keep your customers in posted. If you don’t want to do this yourself, you can always hire a virtual assistant to do the work for you. Getting your shop seen by others is well worth the investment! pexels-photo-95916.jpeg





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