Foldable Samsung Phones Could Become Reality

In a world that’s constantly changing, new technology often comes as no surprise, however, there are rumors that Samsung will soon be releasing a phone with special twist that might not be expected. Samsung’s newest release, the Galaxy C7 Pro, has many desirable features, but there’s one thing that it can’t do–bend. Expected to arrive sometime this year, Samsung’s latest creation will be bendable.

The bendable phone is something that Samsung has been working on since 2011. In 2013, Samsung came out with the Galaxy Round, which although not totally bendable was designed with the same concept in mind. This phone has a curved screen, but the phone does not actually bend. This is not the first time that Samsung has promised the delivery of a bendable phone. There were reports that a bendable smart phone would be arriving early in 2016, however, this obviously did not happen. Samsung has seen a few bumps along the road when trying to make a phone that is truly bendable.


So, the idea of a bendable phone sounds great, but what’s the point? Well, have you ever tried to shove your phone in your pocket only to find that it falls out or looks rather awkward? The ultra thin design of a bendable phone might make it a little easier for you to slide your device into the back pocket of your skinny jeans. In addition, a bendable phone will be a lighter weight than the average smartphone. Of course, another major benefit is that the phone will be virtually indestructible when it comes to being dropped. So, next time you drop your phone on the pavement on your way to work, instead of facing a shattered screen and lighter bank account, you can pick the phone back up and continue on your way. Finally, it’s possible that the phone might be waterproof! And let us not forget, it’s flexible! You’ll have hours of entertainment without even needing to go online!

As exciting as the prospect of bendable phone might be, there’s really no guarantee on when it will hit the market for you to purchase, however, it’s expected to be coming out this year! When it does eventually hit the market, it’s possible that the phone might actually be more affordable than expected. The lightweight of the product will make shipping cheaper which should in turn make the phone cheaper. Maybe someday will live in a world where everyone has a bendable phone!


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