Samsung’s Foldable ‘Galaxy X’ Phone – What to Expect

Samsung are a major player in the smartphone business. The edge screen featured on the samsung galaxy S6 and S7, was a breakthrough. This aspect was readily accepted by consumers. Samsung exceeded their expectations, Project Valley a foldable smartphone. Samsung came up with the idea back in 2013 at the Consumer Technology Association (CES). This will be Samsung’s first foldable smartphone.

The Korean giants are ready to showcase its first foldable smartphone, dubbed Galaxy X, in 2017. The first prototype was privately shown at CES 2014 and was reportedly with 100,000 folds and showed a slight decrease in brightness around the folded area. Samsung is rumored to increase the number of folds and improve the flaws of the prototype.


Since the Galaxy X is eagerly awaited by consumers due to its unique foldable character. There have been rumors on the seeing the specs expected.

The Design: The most intriguing and unique feature is the foldable display. In south Korea the ETNews on the first of April 2016 the device is described to have a 5-inch smartphones and a seven inch tablet when unfolded.

The Display: The device is reportedly featured with a full HD 1080p screen with a 4k resolution diamond Pentile sub-pixel arrangement. The diamond pentile arrangement has been used in sumsungs latest releases like the S7 range.

The Galaxy X specs and features

With the Galaxy X launch which is scheduled for 2017, the device is speculated to run the latest Android platform, Android N also known as Android 7.

Samsung are sure to plump for the next generation of Qualcomm processor Snapdragon 830 to power its device. We still have to wait on the specs like RAM storage and battery capacities. The battery is expected to have a substantial capacity due to the 4k display, which is known for its consumption history and its is rumoured to be foldable too. The device is also to be waterproof.

As you can see, this upon release will be a breakthrough in technology. Unfortunately, we have to wait until its expected release date in the third quarter of 2017. The reality of Samsung foldable phones is not as far away as we think it is.


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