Entrepreneurship 101: Everything Starts with an Idea

How can I be an entrepreneur?
What makes an entrepreneur an entrepreneur?
How on earth can I be successful?

…And the list goes on.

Do you still find yourself asking those questions? It’s time to stop asking and start finding answers!

Being an entrepreneur is a mystic job because of its vague description. An entrepreneur can be anyone who shares the common interest in business. Even Google’s description is quite vague:


entrepreneur: a person who is willing to risk it all to succeed for a business body.

So if you’re still reading, I hope you have business in mind. But outside of that, entrepreneurs can anybody. The common traits in mind are the willingness to take risks, possession of leadership skills, and creativity.

Surprisingly, whether you like it or not, this is only half of what an entrepreneur really is. You see, entrepreneurs are also idea thinkers and deal-makers. This Googled textbook definition defines the outlined traits of an entrepreneur, but the real traits at heart are your unique passions and skills and what you can do with them.

Through available or existing circumstances, an entrepreneur can uncover new ideas and then turn them into an asset. Many entrepreneurs will rarely ever concentrate on one business venture; instead, entrepreneurs aim to find the most profitable ideas and to earn money through them. Entrepreneurs are hard workers that want to get the job done and use all means to venture into all kinds of businesses, as long as it provides a profit. The value of entrepreneurs is that they bring what starts it all: an idea.

An idea may seem crazy at first, but try to connect the dots and make it seem feasible.
The business ideas created by entrepreneurs can often be seen as quixotic and, more than often, will go straight into the archives. Some business ideas may not be feasible at present, so keeping them for future use or reference can be a great way to store any unforeseen ideas that can hatch when the time is right. Those business ideas with higher market feasibility are investigated further, and if in case the entrepreneur decides to act on the idea immediately, they can put such ideas to work and earn money.

Feasibility studies are vital to every business venture. From the idea, the entrepreneur thinks of certain services or products and formulates questions. Oftentimes, entrepreneurs conduct surveys to potential customers and meticulously record all the responses to get a better idea of the market. The documentations made can be used by the entrepreneur once they secure capital from financial backers.

At present, many entrepreneurs are into the Internet business. One reason is that many internet businesses are potential money makers and are not difficult to handle as a startup. If you want to become an internet entrepreneur, make sure that you conduct your own research about it and how it is done. As a beginner, you have to have to gather as much information as you can for the success of your chosen field.


Most entrepreneurs will prefer to seek assistance from financial backers so that their decisions will not be affected by their own vested interest. If the entrepreneur has the capital to finance a business idea, then it will be good for them to get started with a little amount at first, and then grow from there.

Different interest groups will look into the business ideas provided by the entrepreneur. If anyone from the group is willing to finance the business proposal, then they will have to contact the entrepreneur. Once the ideas are backed, the entrepreneur will start earning money. If the business idea proves to be successful, more money will come rolling in for the entrepreneur.

Now that you know everything starts with an idea, you can already determine if being an entrepreneur is what you really want in life. Being an entrepreneur is hard especially for beginners. However, with diligence, hard work, patience, knowledge, and a whole lot of unique, individual qualities, you can become a successful entrepreneur.


What will you say?

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