The Power of Instagram Marketing

Instagram is a powerful platform for social media, and if used correctly, can be a highly-targeted, visual advertising channel for your business branding. The beauty of Instagram is being able to garner an audience and a fanbase that will allow you to publicize yourself into the public, where you have the chance to reach out to millions of people every minute.

If you’re a social media fan, learning how to apply your social media skills to your business can be extremely beneficial. Instagram Marketing is a powerful tool for new businesses, as it can attract customers and followers, spread your message, and increase global branding as you gain followers from across the world. Using online social media is the best way to distinguish yourself from local businesses as you gain recognition worldwide. It’s a priceless opportunity to market your brand and reach out to as many people as you want to.

Here are the tips you’ll need to know to be successful in Instagram marketing:

1. Communicate with your followers.

Build a strong fan base by connecting with your followers; engage your viewers and get them involved with your business social media process. Instead of just posting photos or videos and letting your followers message you, start interacting with them. Though your audience may want to be active, you’ll get an even larger audience if you reach out to them rather than the other way around. Your audience will be able to read your comments and those people will respond, share, like, and comment in return, having a clear memory of what you branded yourself as and what message you conveyed about your brand.

Your comments are your essence, so make sure you pay close attention to what you’re saying, down to the last word – the last thing you want to do is send out something that gives a bad representation of yourself and your business. Social media is open to the public, so not only can all your followers read what you write but also possible business executives and critics. Your writing should have a mass appeal to appear as positive overall.

2. Strategize with Hashtags.

Hashtags are a key element of a post in the social media world. While captions and text may help you tell the story behind your image, hashtags give brief summarizing statements about your image that will also allow you to get your profile seen by those outside your audience. Your posts will be searchable in search results, and users searching for posts with relevant hashtags will be able to spot your post.

3. Post a variety of engaging photos and videos.

It’s easy to get hung up on posting the same type of content again and again on social media platforms, but make sure that you can continually bring in unique, relevant content. Posting product shots and selfies can certainly be part of your repertoire, but make sure you’re changing up your strategy and monitoring which formats get the most engagement out of your audience.

4. Make the link in your profile trackable.

Again, making sure your profile is searchable is key. Tracking clicks to your website from Instagram is tricky because you are limited to only one clickable URL, which is your profile.

5. Use Pro Filter Tools.

Enhance your page with provided tools in the platform that can help you attract followers. Growing your fan base is key in growing your business, as the more people you can reach out to, the more popular you will be. The sky’s the limit with your outreach tactics. Social media platforms such as Instagram rely solely on visuals to convey a message, so it is vital that you convey your company’s message with great content and strong visuals. Focusing on lighting, product placement, and of course filters, will launch your profile and help you immensely in growing your outreach.

From brand building to driving sales, Instagram and other social media platforms can help immensely. If leveraged correctly, the power of using social media can help your business grow, and if you correctly implement these five tips, you’ll be on your way to Instagram stardom.


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