Best Ways to Increase Your Phone Internet Speed

One important thing that basically annoys lots of people is slow Internet. Even though most of the time, our internet service providers are to blame but nevertheless we can also do our own little efforts to avoid getting worried about how slow our device is in term of browsing, here are some methods that you can employ to maximize your Internet speed.

1. Always Check the Cache in Your Device
Any time your device Internet speed is becoming slow and you still don’t know how to make it faster, start by clearing up the cache on your phone. Most of the time, the internet speed on your mobile phone becomes slow whenever the cache (after surfing various web sites or downloading of different applications on the mobile phone) becomes full.

2. Uninstall Unwanted Applications
Check out your app list and then uninstall applications which are no more useful for you. The presence of many useless applications in your mobile phone will surely reduce the functionality of the phone when considering speed and Internet connection.

3. Change Internet Connection to 3G or even 4G
4G and 3G connections are much faster than GSM and 2G networks. Various devices automatically switch off their 3G services so you will have to turn it on again.

To increase your data connection speed, you must change your preferred network connection to 3G, WCDMA or 4G rather than GSM or 2G.

4. Enable Text-only Mode in the Web browser
At times you don’t necessarily need images while browsing and you just need texts for browsing, then you can switch to text mode in the web browser you’re using. You can do this by disabling the images in the browser.

5. Select a Faster Internet Browser for Your Smartphone
The internet browser you’re using plays a major role in improving the overall internet connection speed in your mobile phone. You can try Opera Mini, UC Browser, Google Chrome and also Puffin Browser. The fastest browser I’ve used so far is Puffin Browser.


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