Which platform best suits you: iOS, Android or Windows?

There are currently 3 major operating systems dominating the mobile smartphone and tablet industry: iOS, Android, and Windows.

Each has its advantages and disadvantages, and of course, each has its supporters and critics. An operating system can be better suited for a person than another operating system because of design, functionality, accessibility, and etc.


Apple’s operating system is the longest standing smartphone OS, and is also the most recognized. No one doubts that iOS, Apple’s operating system, is more restrictive and exclusive software that does not allow it to be used on third-party devices. As a result, iOS devices are strategically marketed under the ‘i’ brand: iPods, iPhones, iPads, and so on. Consumers interested in a device with a solid brand will be attracted to Apple’s strong reputation for the best technology. In addition, iOS has a strong optimization of vast resources and a wide catalog of apps.


Android, Google’s operating system, has the advantage of offering a wide catalog of manufacturers, products, and applications. The platform is best suited for third-party users and extensions because of its accessibility to Developer Mode and its customizability. Android phones come from many different phone providers and host a branch of unique phones such as Samsung’s smartphone line.


The third in contention is Windows’ operating system, which presents certain key advantages, since its environment does not change in excess with respect to a “Windows” operating system, which many have been working for years. In addition, Microsoft Office is an undeniable plus that offers the native presence of a PC, and as Microsoft advances in the mobile smartphone and tablet industry, its ability to connect with desktop programs and layouts attracts those who are more suited to the functionalities of a computer with the tactility of a touchscreen.

We want to hear what you think! Answer the poll below, and write a comment.


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