Advantages of Startups over Big Competitors

Starting a business can be very intimidating especially against larger and more established competitors. In starting you will have to go through many struggles dealing with limited resources to lack of connections and client, worrying about cash flow and customer service. These limitations can put you at a disadvantage against your may seem impossible at some point, but the good news is it’s not that scary at all. This is only one side of the coin. In fact, startups have some advantage over big businesses.

1. Adaptability to change

You may have a strategy before starting a business but you could change it whenever you want when you think it may not be working for you. On contrary large organization are not that flexible in terms of strategy. They are not much adapted for change.


2. Teamwork

As a close-knit team with few employees working for you in a casual atmosphere where everyone knows each other, start-up teams are like family. Naturally, they develop a good chemistry in a working environment. This would return in more loyalty from employees. They would be more productive and satisfied with their company, which is somewhat difficult to attain in big businesses because people don’t know their colleagues in different departments.

3. Customer service

Working in a startup, you have a benefit of being able to interact with you customers and address each and every customer while big organizations have to choose who to respond. Your primary concern should be responding to each and every issue of your customer politely. In return, you’ll receive their valuable feedback and reviews. This will help you attract more customers and help you shape your priorities regarding quality and services.



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