7 Tips to Successfully Sell Your Products Online

When you are deciding to launch an online store, you must be thinking when every e-store is offering something and retailers are turning to the potential of e-commerce. Retaining customers might be a tough business. Because there are so many options your customers can choose from, that’s why you have to provide something new to attract your customers. Here are top tips to help you deal with this issue:

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1. Have a Good Look and Feel of your site.

The first thing you want is to make a good impression. The overall interface should be clean and attractive. Keep it simple. Customer will never waste time to search for products from page to page. Avoid dark and cluttered sites — austere-looking sites are hard to navigate and unattractive, and can also give an untrustworthy ambiance.

Secondly, your site must be a fully-responsive site. Your site shall not take a long time to load because if your page takes 3 minutes to load, then in those three minutes you might lose potential customers who will move on to find a quicker deal. Everyone is in a rush, so don’t slow down your business with an out-of-date website.

2. Minimize the number of clicks.iphone6-lady

Try to avoid having too many links and processes before starting the actual payment. If a customer has to go through 10 clicks to even start the process, that might detrimentally influence your potential customer’s decision to purchase from your site, as a customer may lose interest. Try to make any payment process as easy as possible.

3. Have a detailed description.

Many customers are turned off by vague product description. Try to add image gallery with every product or video tutorial of the product in that way customer would actually see the product that they are going to buy. Use high-resolution images and videos. Add pros and cons and specification and images from different angles. So they will know what you’re offering.

4. Use categories and tags.

Categorize and add tags by brand, price, size, etc, that will sort your content and also make it accessible in search results. This makes it easier for customers to search for items they are looking for, and can also easily compare between products.

5. Link Social Media sites.


Adding links to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn would help you in branding. After the social media boom, it’s way easier to build your brand. As a startup, you will need to interact with customers. You’ll get to know your customers and you’ll get a quick response on quality of service you are providing. Reaching out the masses is the best way to test out your platform and also receive feedback on any potential problems your users may be facing. It’s the easiest and most inexpensive way to build your brand even before launching your site. You could set up a Facebook page to invite people to your page and start posting about your brand products and progress.

6. Invest in product delivery.

Spend some money on customer service. The key to a successful business is your willing commitment to provide the best service to your customers. Easy and fast delivery, from packaging to delivering the product, is always a plus point. Make sure you clearly state your return policy to also let your customers know beforehand what kind of returns are accepted. And not just that; putting your customer need is your prime priority.

7. Seek high customer reviews.color-wheel

After 2-3 weeks of delivery, ask your customer to review your product. If applicable, always take initiative and send the customer good feedback to incentivize them to reCustomer reviews help strengthen reputation and influence on potential customers. The more reviews of high quality your product can receive, the more customers you will be able to attract. Customer feedback is of prime importance and will build trust in customers and help in branding.


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