How to Recover Deleted Videos and Photos on Your Android Phone

When you delete a file from your Android phone or tablet, the system only deletes the information related to its location in the device’s memory. The file is not completely deleted and, as long as you do not overwrite the memory space it occupied, you can recover it with some application or program.

If the file was in the external memory of the device, you can easily retrieve it with the Recuva program. However, if the file was in the Android phone’s internal memory, you must previously rootear your Android to be able to download DiskDigger: an application that allows you to recover deleted photos and videos from an Android device.

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After rooting your Android download DiskDigger. Then open DiskDigger and select the partition where the photos (or videos) you want to recover are located. By mistake, the application can recognize the internal memory of the device as external:

Select the format of the files you want to recover: JPG (photos), PNG (images), MP4 (videos). Press the OK button and wait while the application searches for files that can be recovered:

When you finish the search, select the files you want to recover. Press the button as a diskette and, in the window that opens, select Save selected files locally:

Finally, choose the folder where you want to save the files and press the OK button.


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