Walabot: The device that allows you see beyond the naked eye


Picture advertisement on Walabot’s website that shows a practical application that can help rescue people.

Welcome to the future of augmented reality!

Over the last decade, society has advanced in our technology through the inventions of ingenious products such as social media, smartphones, and hotspots, which are now ubiquitous across the world. As we learn more about what we can use technology for, we are going beyond the physical world with what we can invent. Especially over the last few years, technology has focused beyond reality and relied on bringing the virtual world into our world. Starting with inventions of digital and virtual applications, Walabot is the succession of the latest gadgets by featuring the ability to see the unseen to the naked eye.

Walabot is an innovative, 3D imaging sensor technology that makes it possible to see photothrough the walls and detect, identify and track movement beyond the known barriers of the human eye. It is connected with smartphones which attach magnetically with the host phone. Pulling power from USB cable and functions with an accompanying app. These sensors use radio signals frequency to create 3D scans. As these electromagnetic waves bounces off the object and  create images for sensoring.

The applications for Walabot are endless, such as being able to see through solid objects, measuring and tracking movement, detecting surroundings, and so much more. The company states that this sensor could be used in advanced home security. These detectors could detect if the security of your home is breached, and moreover, they would be used in construction, pest extermination, and etc. These sensors also detect tiny movement of lungs and you could diagnose sleep apnea.

Walabot is a product of Vayyar Imaging, an Israeli company that has launched its motion sensors at end of October 2016. The most important and interesting feature of Walabot is its augmented reality capabilities. Since Vayyar sensors are small and inexpensive, they can be connected to your mobile phones and computers.

Walabot is sought to be a connective, inexpensive device for augmented devices like Microsoft’s HoloLens or Daqri’s Smart Helmet. Originally, this device was developed for safer and relatively inexpensive detection of breast cancer rather than using lasers, but was expanded to practical at-home applications.


Walabot’s applications apply to any average Joe or pro tech-developer. Included with a Walabot kit are several APIs, along with the downloadable free Walabot SDK available on their website. The website also comes with helpful links and tutorials for getting started with Walabot. It allows users to play with their imagination by tinkering with the microboard and technology of Walabot, and also connecting with their computers and create their own application and devices.

Originally this device was developed for safer and relatively inexpensive detection of breast cancer rather than using lasers.

Raviv Melamed, CEO and co-founder of Vayyar Imaging, stated, “the goal was to have a low-cost imaging device that every person can use, instead of just experts and people who understand complex technology.” Vayyar’s sensors was named and awarded Best New Technology at CableLabs’s Innovation Showcase Summer 2016 Conference.

Walabot can fit inside a smartphone case and be accessibly used with Android devices.

Until today, the technology currently available within the Smart Home ecosystem has been limited in supporting advanced features. It has either violated individuals’ privacy through the use of cameras, required multiple installations in every room, and required people to wear special tracking bracelets,” said Raviv Melamed, CEO and co-founder of Vayyar Imaging. “Our 3D sensors do not need cameras to gather and share data or multiple networks set up throughout the house. They open up incredible opportunities for cable companies, fire and security companies, healthcare, and other service providers to offer premium, value-added services to their customers at low cost and with minimal implementation requirements.”

Vayyar Imaging Logo
Vayyar, the breakthrough 3D imaging sensor company whose technology makes it possible to see through objects (PRNewsFoto/Vayyar Imaging)

Vayyar holds a patent for these sensors and soon they are planning to license it. Previously they sale sensors chips to many companies around the world. About 200 companies have bought these sensors including Samsung but those deals are under wrap. This company has employees of over 50 people and raise $34 million. Now they are focusing on smart home technology including security and health and care.

The revolutionary technology behind Walabot is advancing the way we can view the world, alongside advanced technologies such as virtual reality and 3D printing. Walabot is currently sold in three different forms: $149 for the Starter Kit, $299 for the Maker Kit, and $599 for the Pro Kit. The more expensive kits come with additional APIs and capabilities for makers to experiment with.


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